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CHAI Shares New Single “We The Female”


In the safe spaces that make up our minds, females get plenty of respect. The art of new music and new videos can be done by anyone. Luckily for us CHAI just dropped a new song and video with “We The Female!” The song feels like an anthem or a global call to all who feel unrepresented. Stream it below before grabbing a digital copy from Sub Pop.

The female empowerment in the video is present. The power behind the show hosts towards other women is powerful. However the band shows up and offers their own power from playing live. The vocals and the power of the band’s grooves offer a new way of thinking that’s as catchy as it gets.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Digital copies are available on all platforms from Sub Pop. Chai is on tour starting April 27 in Tokyo, Japan at Zepp Shinjuku.



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