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Kill Me Drops New Single


The threat of national media can kill a band in the midst of creating great work. Their sound can ether around a genre but still be hit low in the knees.  However for Kill Me their new single “DIY Death Threats” hits hard. The droning metaverse is enough to take you to a whole new level. Stream the song below before preordering their new album from Apple Music.

The song starts with a hint of metal in their sound. The droning tones that follow pull you in and make you an immediate fan. The way they offer up this hellscape of tone is magical. The sheer magnitude of talent that transposes itself within the song is epic. The track lingers more towards noise rock with toned edges surrounding it.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album can be preordered wherever you download music from before it drops on June 15.



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