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The Paper Kites Share Blissful New Single


Certain bands drop new music and it just feels extraordinary. Their sound is universal and they bring a ton of energy to their music. That’s how it is for The Paper Kites. The Australian band has built quite the following for their brand of music. Their new single “Till The Flame Turns Blue” is full of energy and aroused sound that flows into your ears. Stream it here and fall in love with their sound.

Their sound is found within and doesn’t stray from where it began. Their organic sound flows like a river. The vocals fall on your ears gently and easily. The almost country vibes and togetherness off the band up organically. The backing vocals make the song feel more universal. The lead singer reaches out and reaches many of us. The lead guitarist makes it feel more homelike and the single is born like a young baby.

The song can be heard above or wherever you hear music. The band has no tour dates as of now but that should change.



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