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Mitski Drops Two New Songs


When it comes to dropping new music few acts have it in them to keep things coming. The sound of new music hits your ears perfectly though if your name is Mitski. On her new album This Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We she takes leaps and bounds to offer a new sound. Below she’s dropped two new songs “Star” and “Heaven” you can stream before preordering her new album from Dead Oceans.

“Star” opens slowly with faint vocals that pull you in. The smallest measure of their being is ever present here as the song builds itself up. The way she brings you into her world is magical and takes the cake as far as new songs go. On “Heaven” she’s more open and the song has a more relaxed sound. Though it’s more upbeat there’s a chill demeanor that isn’t lost on the listener. Her vocals surround you and feed your inner self as they offer a new direction to look in.

Both songs can be streamed above or wherever you stream music. This Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We is available for preorder from Dead Oceans before it drops on September 15. Mitski is on tour starting October 07 in Edinburgh, UK at Queens Hall until October 20 in Paris, FR at Le Trianon. Her tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.

David Garrick

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