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Green Day Share 3 Dookie Outtakes


Bands dropping anniversary releases usually contain plenty of outtakes. Their past caught up with them and gives us a memory worth having. For the Dookie Anniversary by Green Day is no exception. With the Anniversary of Dookie happening the band has dropped three new songs that should ring a bell inside you. Stream all three below.

The first track is a cover song where the band feels like they’re more laid back than usual. The easy going stride of the song gets you in the mood to chill while the band extends your inner circle. For the second track “Christie Road” the band pick up the pace a bit and pulls you in with their inner demons. The way the song opens you up to being normal is extraordinary. For “409 In Your Coffeemaker” the band picks up the pace a bit and takes things to new places. The energy here is definitely infectious and gives you a different side to their sound.

All three songs can be heard above. The 30th Anniversary of Dookie can be preordered here from Reprise Records before it drops on September 29. Green Day is on tour starting September 24 at Louder Than Life in Louisville, KY until October 22 at When We Were Young in Las Vegas, NV. Their dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Robert Knight Archive/Redferns.



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