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Nation of Language Drops New Wave Jam


New bands have the ability to change their sound song to song and still keep their fan base. There’s a certain sound that they bring to the table that sets them apart from others. For Nation Of Language they can mix it up and still retain their fan base. With their new album Strange Disciple coming this week, their new single “Sightseer” definitely gives you a new wave vibe.

The way the guitar swoons around the vocals creates a sound like you’ve never heard before. There’s a distanced tone that shakes your insides while the vocals lull you into yourself. The beat is simple but the band does best when they just chill and let the song play out as it does. The end result is a track that flows over you like Summer air.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album Strange Disciple is out September 15 on PIAS. Nation of Language is on tour starting September 15 at Astra Kulturehaus in Berlin, DE until December 02 in Toronto, CA at Phoenix. Their dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Shervin Lainez.



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