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Axelrad & Wonky Power Drops Powerful New Jazz Album


Jazz is a fusion of styles that can encapsulate so much of what we have inside of us. The notes, the runs and the way the music pops with livelihood are all examples of what makes it great. For their new album Live At Axelrad, the musicians and the venue give you more than you may have bargained for. Life is reborn and reimagined here as if it were more than notes on a page. Listen below.

Mixed by John Allen Stephens and mastered by Mario Rodriguez , the mix is an eclectic joyride of songs you can’t help but fall for. The opening track “The Great Awakening” by Houston Ensemble takes you on a journey your ears will appreciate. The stops and starts of the track give way to new life with each brass hit. The way the music takes you on a journey is just part of what makes it so strong. The same could be said about follow up track “Mi Nina.” Performed by Marlon Simon Latin Jazz Quintet, this track has all of the bells and whistles you’d expect. The chill opening mixed with the rhythmic tones gives you a space to feel yourself. It opens up into a more Latin touched sound that kills at certain points. For “My Brothers Keeper” by Mark Simmons Jr the softness in his notes and performance wash over you like warm air. The drums off an extraordinary touch to the piano based track while there’s a whole other vibe underneath just waiting to rear it’s head.

Where “DC Blues” by Darrell Lavigne Quartet has all of the possibilities of something grander, it does just fine on its own. The piercing horns make themselves known and offer a brightness to a track that just flows. The ups and downs give the listener a real take away from everyday life. While “#9” by Woody Witt Quintet hits a slower vibe, it’s sound sticks with you well after you hear it. The simplicity in it’s structure make it hit worthy from the start. The same could be said about “Drume Negrita.” The song by Marlon Simon Jr Latin Jazz Quintet has a slow opening that builds itself into something great. It’s slower pace keeps the album going with new flavors. On “Autumn Leaves” by Darrell Lavigne Quartet the world opens to hear their dynamic presence. The horn plays itself naturally like a water bug looking for a place to swim. You enjoy the journey more than most because it feels so natural. The closing track “Jeanine” by Houston Ensemble has it’s own shake. The upbeat way in which the song plays out gives you hope while the noodling of the guitar alone are like no one you’ve heard before. The jingle of the horns sounds like a new world order for us all to obey, and obey it we shall.

The album is available on all digital platforms or can be streamed wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Venue.

David Garrick

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