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The Hates Release New Album and it’s Amazing


My whole adult life The Hates have been a constant source for music. Their sound whether old or new hasn’t changed much over the years. They’re definitely a staple in the Houston music scene. Their leader Christian Kidd has always maintained his status of his world and treats everything like it’s the best news in the world. On their new album Life in the Upside Down has a chill sound and the punk is everything that works in life. Stream it below and check out their sound.

The opening song “Quiet” opens with an epic riff while Kidd sings on top like he’s signalling a forthcoming. The way the band drops a riff and stays behind it is epic. The same could be said about their second song “Always Fun.” The band drops an epic tone that reminds me of The Who in how it chimes throughout. The Hates add their backing vocals with ease and take the song to the next level.  Where “Keeping Them on Their Heels” has a rough and tumbled sound that echoes throughout, “Something Good” has an epic sound. The band comes in heavy and gives us their all on the song. “Don’t Cross Me” has a more everyone sound and “Loud Party Music” lives up to its name. In fact the band sounds more together on these two latter songs than I remember of their sound. However the last song “Have Yourself a Splendid Obsolscsence” is The Hates at their strongest. The way the backing vocals come in underneath Christian’s voice gives you plenty of tough sounds while the band sings in unison. There’s a chill way to be in The Hates and this song proves it.

The album is available to stream wherever you stream music. It’s available to purchase digitally wherever you download music.

Image Credits: Photo by John Shapely.

David Garrick

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