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Odd Beholder Drops Epic Album


New music has a way of giving us plenty of great sounds. The way of new music can take us to new spaces and signify our love for it. So when it comes to new music from Odd Beholder, we were  impressed with their catchy new album. The vocals, the pop touches and the ease of its sound made us fans the moment we heard it. Feel Better is an immediate hit and an album you should cling to.

The album opens with an easy going yet pop washed track “Then You Forgive Me.” The vocals pull through along with these little pops of tone that give you so much. The same could be said about the eighties sound of “Rifle Club.” the band is focused on the moment and the lyrics are as inventive as the pop of the song. Of course “Patchwork Girl” takes things further and washes over you with plenty of soul and fire. “Dirty Secrets” takes a more singular approach and delivers the song with utmost honesty. “Just Because I Regret It” has an offbeat sensibility yet it works on multiple levels. The album closes with a slower track with “A Stupid Walk” where the vocals stand out and defend the sound overall.

The album sounds great overall. It can be purchased from Sinnbus. Odd Beholder is on tour starting February 25 at ISC Club in Bern, Switzerland until Druckult in Oberhausen, Germany on March 21.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

David Garrick has spent the last five years interviewing some of the most intriguing and engaging artists performing today. Everyone from Angel Olsen to Phoebe Bridgers, Wire to Yo La Tengo, Snail Mail to Soccer Mommy, Ghost to First Aid Kit, The Breeders to Protomartyr, and many more. He's a giant fan of music of pretty much any genre; but especially to the underdogs. He's been known to see more concerts in a week than many people will see in a year.


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