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About Us

Closed Captioned is primarily a music magazine, made up of music lovers. Our parent company is made up of artists, who care about journalism, quality content, and great experiences. Our team is full of people who are into music, but not a part of any one scene. Music, is meant to be enjoyed and we enjoy it.

We will show you what we love, we will display what we do not, and we will be opinionated in our resolve. We hope you enjoy the ride and join us on our journeys.

You can inquire about advertising at: advertising@closedcap.com

You can send letters to the editor at: ElizabethRhodes@closedcap.com

You can hire our staff for events like videography & photography.

Daniel Jackson: https://www.instagram.com/listenyoungman/?hl=en

Derek Rathbun: https://www.instagram.com/derekfilms/?hl=en