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Bandcamp To Waive Fees Friday While Releasing Names of Labels Donating Supporting Racial Change

For a long time, in fact since our inception, this magazine has championed Bandcamp. The platform that’s most friendly to artists is the home to more unique music than any other platform or outlet online. The site has long been a place for independent artists and outsiders to support one another while offering merchandise and...More Please

Silent Forum’s New Music Video “Robot” Is a Colorful Dose of New Wave Originality

Cardiff’s Silent Forum has been on our radars ever since the release of their first single, “How I Faked the Moon Landing”, back in August. Defining itself as an insightful track blending new wave dance-ability with purpose, the quartet’s Richard Wiggins (vocals), Oli Richards (bass, vocals), Dario Ordi (guitar), and Elliot Samphier (drums) have crafted...More Please