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Turning Jewels Into Water Are Creatively Unique & Intriguing

There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of Turning Jewels Into Water, but their music is like nothing else you’ve heard before. Mixing in ritualistic styles and MIDI controllers alongside record scratches and polyrhythmic percussion, their sound is easily one of the most inventive things you’ll hear for a minute. Their new track “Dark...More Please

Buke & Gase Share Anticipated Music Video for Scholars

The music industry has it instilled in our heads that in order to remain relevant, artists need to churn out work at a rapid pace before stagnation kills their career. New York duo Buke & Gase have succeeded in crafting a meticulous and intentional collection of songs in light of their upcoming album Scholars over...More Please

Alle Redefines Electronica on Debut Album

Overarching expectations drive mistakes when listening to an artist’s debut album stockpiled with immeasurable star power. Name dropping Steve Albini, Red Hot Chili Pepper Ryan Hewitt, Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg, and former Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler begs the obvious question: Can an album bear this level of encyclopedic indie rock prestige sprinkled throughout wide-ranging song stylings ever measure...More Please