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LEYA Brings Their Intriguing & Inventive Sound to the Masses

Harpists and violinists aren’t typically in modern music bands. While nontraditional is always welcomed here, you can’t expect Marilu Donovan and Adam Markiewicz of the group LEYA to follow tradition. The group has released some of the most intriguing music you’ll ever hear, while incorporating new tones and sound structures into everything they do. In...More Please

Canada’s Anemone Opens Up About Inspiration & Audience Participation Ahead of Album Release

For the past couple of years, the music coming out of Canada has been better than anything penned by Celine Dion or Alanis Morissette. Acts like Daniel Romano and Michael Rault are just a couple of examples of artists who’ve released wonderful music coming from the great white north. When you look at infectious pop...More Please