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Perfume Genius

Tame Impala Announces North American Tour with Perfume Genius & Drops New Track

It’s fairly safe to say that the excitement around anything that Tame Impala does is fevered. With a new album The Slow Rush out in February and a fairly stellar 2019 already, Kevin Parker can make any announcement and receive the world’s ears. Now with a new single “Posthumous Forgiveness” Tame Impala has announced a...More Please

New Track “Pop Song” by Perfume Genius is Magic

Pretty much every project that Perfume Genius embarks on is extraordinary. With a new dance project created with the artist, dance choreographer Kate Wallich and the YC Dance Company coming to various cities beginning November 13, the producer’s latest single “Pop Song” scratches every itch and more. The song is littered with syncopated keys that...More Please