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Alice Merton Stays Fresh on Mint


For a while now, Alice Merton has been making herself known. With vocals that have plenty of power and music that hits like you want, Merton has grown with each step in her career. Now with her latest release Mint, Merton gets a little closer to being proclaimed the big deal her fans have always seen her as.

The opener “Learn To Live” has an almost anthemic feel, signalling a strong and fresh sound for the singer. Merton adds plenty of notes here, steering the ship with plenty of hooks without going into a straightforward pop sound at the same time. She gets a little deeper on “2 Kids,” showing us another side, though it’s the track “Funny Business” that seals the deal for anyone who hears the album. It’s an essential pop song, but it feels more intense than the typical pop song. Merton doesn’t mind treading into hip hop vibes, in fact she does it uite well while the beat should keep your head bopping for days.

This continues with songs like “Lash Out” and with “Trouble In Paradise,” where Merton is flexing hints of pop star, while not sounding too sugary. Her vocals are more heavy than a typical pop act, while she adds a depth that most pop acts cannot achieve. Of course, there are some slower tracks here that are just as fabulous. The slow and dark uptick of “Speak Your Mind” and the darkwave meets torch song feel of “Honeymoon Heartbreak” both display the depth of Alice Merton, while giving listeners more than just another act who can hold your attention.

You can stream Mint on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops or directly from Mom+Pop Records. Alice Merton will be on tour starting on March 14 in Bern, Switzerland at Bierhubeli until June 21 through June 23 at Hurricane Festival in Scheesel, Germany. A complete listing of her upcoming appearances can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Paper Plane Records.



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