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Nathan Quick Returns the Favor on New Blues Album


In the span of an album cycle plenty can happen to get a band to mix things up. When it comes to unsigned bands though their decisions could change things for a lifetime. When it came to the new album from Nathan Quick the change was warranted and needed. Now we have the Nathan Quick Blues Band and it’s a nice change to say the least. His new album Black Cat Blues is a stellar array of songs you have to hear and get down to.

Opening with the mellotron tones of “Black Cat Blues” he sways us into his bluesy tones. The way the song sways offers up plenty of positive sounds for the dark dreams you could have from the song. The stagger of the guitar alone is the type of sound you can get used to. This continues on “Take This Hammer” where Quick plays the story teller with ease. The slower more molasses sounds have the weight of ten thousand hammers. The way Quick takes his time in telling his tale is extraordinary. In many ways it’s like he’s found his calling by just telling a tale from another time. Though he picks things up on “Tell My Baby.” the sing song rhythm of the song heals as much as it sways. There’s a magical way in which Quick hits the notes and stays in the pocket the whole time. He definitely has a way to get his tale out while the song heals as it plays out.

The way that “Turn Blu” comes out it offers up a sing song way for the song to unroll without putting you down with it. His guitar playing here is masterful and dominant. At times he takes you on the journey with him without boring you in the swamp. The same could be said about “Going Down” where his more rock n roll side comes forward and slings itself at you. The delicate measures here don’t have the fallacy of the slower yet the song is upbeat and swinging. There’s more here with the blues than first appears and you notice it on a second listen. Though while the swagger of “Three O’Clock Blues hits you hard, it’s the intimacy of “Fall Like Hail” that hits. The song has an easy going demeanor yet the lyrics hit hard. The way he finds those notes to play while evoking more emotion is crazy. He definitely has his eyes on something grander than just this album. With licks like these though, it’s easy to tell that this is just the beginning for these types of albums from Quick.

The album is available to stream wherever you stream music or you can secure a compact disc from Quick him at a show. The Nathan Quick Blues Band is set to appear at The Rustic on May 13 in Houston until his set at Shady Acres Saloon in Houston on July 07. His dates are here as well.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Nathan Quick.



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