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Melkbelly Drops New Single & Announces New Album


Sophomore releases can sometimes lend themselves to disaster. It’s how it goes when a band is typically given a bigger budget to record songs. While it’s been three years since Chicago’s Melkbelly released their debut, it doesn’t feel like the band will experience any issues the second time around. Their new single “Humid Heart” ups the band’s songwriting skills without sacrificing their sound. What you should notice the new song is that their upcoming album Pith should stay in line with what you already love about the four piece.

That fuzzy gurgle of the guitar is still here, sandwiched between distanced vocals and a catchy pace. Reminding you more of early music from The Breeders, the song has that dissonant nineties feel without coming off like a throwback. Th way the vocals and drums play with the guitar tones shows a stronger side to the band’s sound, as does the way the bass rumbles beneath. The video is comical in the terms of what some people do for love.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. “Humid Heart” can be streamed on all streaming services. Pith is available for preorder directly from Carpark Records ahead of its April 03 release. Melkbelly is on tour April 04 in Chicago,IL at Sleeping Village until May 01 in Pittsburgh, PA at Mr. Roboto Project. The band’s tour schedule is located here.

Image Credits: Photo by Ariella Miller.



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