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Cavetown Comes Full Circle on New Full Length


Since the tender age of fourteen, Robin Skinner has made music his main focus. Under his project Cavetown, he’s blown up with fans of all ages, while steadily releasing a slew of new music in the past year alone. In keeping with that tradition, his new album Sleepyhead maintains his pace of releases while making his core fans happy at the same time.

The most notable difference here is production value. The album has a more streamlined touch without destroying the folk touches that Skinner peppers throughout his tunes. Opening with “Sweet Tooth,” Skinner employs dual vocals and a stronger value of production to convey the emotion filled track. On “Telescope” he channels his inner Elliott Smith while staying original. The adding stringed instruments make for a nice touch, proving that Skinner can up the bar and not come off fraudulent.

But the true brightness comes on songs you don’t know. “Pyjama Pants” has this tender glow while “”Wishing Well” displays plenty of easy going chill without being tiresome. Of the eleven tracks, our favorite song came on “Snail (feat. Chloe Moriondo).” The weight of the song is heavy handed, but not in a tedious way. The magic comes in how the two artists blend their voices together to create a bond that works perfectly. It’s so well received that it’s something we’d like Skinner to do more often.

Sleepyhead can be purchased in multiple formats and bundles directly from Sire Records. It is also ready to purchase in all digital outlets or it can be streamed on all streaming sites.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Sire Records.



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